About the Photographers

20100904-01-0760-00Towner Jones Photography, LLC was started in January 2007 by Rob and Rose Jones. Towner Jones Photography is a full-service studio providing wedding, engagement, portrait, event, fine art and commercial photography services as well as in-house post processing, graphic design and web development to a wide variety of consumer and business clients in the United States and abroad.

There, the formal description is out of the way.

Thanks for stopping by the “About the Photographers” page. By the fact that you’ve landed here I’ll assume that you’d like to know a little bit about Rose and me. I’ll do my best to oblige.

Under the Hood of TJP

20100904-01-0580-00Towner Jones Photography is the realization of what really started as a daydream. Actually, to be more accurate, a series of daydreams, long heartfelt prayers, and the leap of faith which allowed me to walk away from a job in engineering to pursue something I love, photography.

With me being a computer-nerd with a artistic side, digital photography had rekindled an old love of photography and art by marrying the creativity of capturing a photograph with an elaborate world of computer aided post processing. The business allowed me hang out with great people, take pictures, be creative, and then go home and play on a computer – who could ask for a better job?

20100904-01-0428-00My beautiful wife, Rose, already a talented photographer and an accomplished salesperson, made the natural choice for a business partner. How many people can say that 1) they get to do something they love, 2) with their spouse and best friend, and 3) earn a living doing it. We still are amazed by God’s blessings!

It was the combination of all of the above that brought Towner Jones Photography to life, and we have been extremely blessed at the growth of the business since our start back in 2007.

What’s in a Name

20100904-01-0833-00Where did the “Towner Jones” come from you might ask? Towner is my middle name. You see, if you do a search for “Robert Jones Photography” on Google, the site returns 3500+ hits. Believe it or not, Robert Jones is a pretty common name – we needed something more interesting – and there’s a story to that too.

In addition to my love of photography, I also have a deep love of music and play a number of musical instruments. When I was first started college at the University of Virginia, I would, on occasion, play jazz saxophone at a couple of the little coffee houses in town. On the very first of those gigs, the manager took me out front to write my name on the chalkboard. The conversation went something like this…

Manager: “What should I put on the board?”

Rob: “Just my name I guess, Robert Jones.”

Manager: “Seriously, Robert Jones – that’s the most boring name I’ve ever heard – no one will come see you.”

Rob: “Ok. <awkward pause> What do you suggest?”

Manager: “What’s your middle name?”

Rob: “Towner”

Manager: “Towner Jones it is! That’s way better…”

And at that point, my alter ego (the creative artistic side) Towner Jones, was born. When it came time to name the photography business, it was a natural choice. I actually toyed around with the idea of going by Towner for a while, but ended up settling in as Rob. It works.

Enough about the Business

20100904-01-0684-00Though it takes up a good portion of our time, Rose and I are more than just the folks that run TJP. Rose and I were high school sweethearts (we met when I was 13!) and we got married in 2001. God has already blessed us with four beautiful daughters, Reagan, McKinley, Madison and Monroe. (Yes, you counted right, I’m outnumbered 5 to 1) They have truly helped us understand how blessed we are, and the joy they bring to our home can’t be described in words.

Apart from photography, we love spending time outdoors, backpacking, hiking, fishing, canoeing… pretty much anything that takes us outside.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve said it other places, but I’d like to say it again here. Thank you for continuing to support our business and I look forward to sharing a piece of our world with you. Feel free to contact us at any time if we can be of service, or just drop us a line to say hello.

All the best,


P.S. Thanks to my good buddy and fellow photographer, Chris Breedlove for the shots of Rose and me found on this site.